Bags! Bags! Bags!

Okay ladies! Fall is here and we all know that it's all about the accessories. Yes- we love the boots but don't we love the bags aswell?? I've been a huge bag girl for years, and I find that a bag is a representation of your own identity, and style.

Here are a few of my current favourite:

1. Michael Kors- A few years back I had wanted a Michael Kors bag for so long, but I just didn't want to settle for just anything. I mean they are quite pricey so I thought I'd wait until I found one that I really liked. That's the thing with me- I don't buy just for the sake of buying, I actually have to really like something in order for me to say "ok! yup! I want it". Now for this Michael Kors bag I had actually gone on a road trip with my cousins to Buffalo when I saw it. I was immediately drawn to it, don't ask me what happened but I didn't get it! I know!!!! Anyways as we were driving back home I kept kicking myself for not getting it. We happened to go on Black Friday and I decided to pop into the Michael Kors store to see if it was there, and it was! What were the chances?! And it was reduced a great amount. It was the last one and there was a girl who had picked it up and saw me eyeing it from a far and asked me what I thought. Whether she should go with the dark green or black. I told her black goes with everything, get the black!- so evil right? well she dropped the bag and there I snatched it. It was finally mine! muahhaaaa

I liked this bag because I always go for the traditional brown or black bag. Its a suede material with dark brown leather straps. I liked the fact that it was nice and simple and perfect for this time of year.

2. Zara- I was actually watching a youtube video that Shirley b Eniang posted- she is absolutely amazing, in which she was showing a Zara haul. Once she showed this bag I was like I need it! During the time I was over seas and didn't think I would be able to find this bag at the local Zara store. I searched each week for it and then there it was, the clouds opened and light shined on this beautiful bag while the angels sang..(too much?- LOL)
It's the perfect little black bag that fits quite a lot. It can be used as a cross body, on your shoulder, or on your arm.-plus it looks like an elegant classy piece.

3.Winners- You know when they say, once you see something at Winners get it?, Well that's just what you have to do. There's been times when I would put things away and regret it. The thing about Winners (which is like a Home Goods or Home Sense) is that, you don't get a second chance. Once something is gone- it's gone. I once randomly walked into a Winners and saw a YSL bag for $150 (approximately) and left it! Don't ask- yes I felt and still feel dumb. But I didn't have any of my cards on hand and a just little bit of cash in my wallet.
Anyways this bag was initially bought as a gift for my mom but throughout the time I saw that she started to use it less and less because she found it was too big. Well, being me I told her "mom, this bag needs to see the world! and it can't be kept in your closet!", so I did just what anyone would do and "borrowed" it. It fits everything and I find that it gives the impression that it costs more that it actually was.

4. H&M- I've always admired those girls that travel with a small purse and a carry-on. I've always wanted to do that, but I can't! I was going on a trip and wanted to cheat a little to try to fit as much as I possibly could in a "purse". To be honest it looked like I was carrying my life in this bag and that's exactly what I did. I packed my "necessities" as I like to call them and carried my laptop, iPod, snacks, makeup,and a whole bunch of other things that I could of put in my luggage but didn't- who knows why.
This bag really does fit everything, it's huge. So if you ladies like that, I'd recommend this. It currently comes in 2 different patterns.
(oh.. and for the record I carried this bag, carry-on, a backpack and a big pillow and thats not including the big luggage I checked in :P hahah)

Hope you guys enjoy! 


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