Gift Guide Ideas...

Hello ladies! I've just started my Christmas shopping since next week is December! Is it me, or did this year past by wayyy to quickly?!
I'm going to be sharing a few gift ideas that I have had my eye on. Hopefully this will give you all an idea on what you get someone (or yourself :D) for Christmas this year.

1. Foreo Luna- So I've heard amazing things about this product. It's basically does the same job a Clarisonic would do but, this doesn't irritate your face as much. The reason I say this is because some of the Clarisonic brushes are too rough for some people that causes them to breakout a lot more then usual but some people don't have a problem and it works great for them- it all depends on your skin type. For people with sensitive skin I find that The Foreo Luna is a better option. It's description on the Sephora's website says it is "suitable for all skin types". I personally have sensitive skin and I would really want to try out this product and review it in the near future.
(retail price $159 CAD)

2. LBD- Every girl needs a little black dress. I found this piece at Zara and I think its the cutest thing. I love the feminine details of lace neckline- beautiful and very elegant, perfect for a holiday party. If your not into the black and are more of a girl that enjoys colour, it is also available in pink.
(retail price $69.90 CAD)

3. Bucket Bag- Like I said in one of my post. I LOVE BUCKET BAGS. Zara for me is never a disappointment and they certainly didn't disappoint this time. I find that bucket bags are not only cute but super stylish. I love how this one is so edgy with the studs and the chain strap. I need this!
(retail price $89.90 CAD)

4. EllandEmm- I follow the designer of these gorgeous pieces on youtube and I find that she puts so much work and beautiful details into her pieces. I have seen her pieces on a few friends of mine which rave about her jewellery line and I find that her pieces are absolutely beautifully made.
(retail price $50)

5. Gwen Stefani Palette- One of my friends has this palette and must I say... WOW. The pigmentation of the product is beautiful. The colours are so pigmented that you don't really need to use a lot of the product to achieve the look your going for.
(retail price $70 CAD)

6. Sorel Boots- These boots are so comfortable. They are super warm and keep your feet nice and dry.  Ladies...you must get. Plus they are so cute! (comes in various colours).
(retail price $180 CAD)

7. Aldo Booties- We all love shoes! but in this weather we all can't afford to be wearing 6 inch heels without being scared that we are gonna fall on our face and break a leg LOL. These booties are stylish and work appropriate, and are only 3 inch tall! I've always found Aldo shoes to be super comfortable and for the price why not. It also comes in camel.
(retail price $120 CAD)

8. Vogue sweater- This little piece is also by EllandEmm. I've had my eye on this one not gonna lie and I've read some great reviews on the quality of it. Who knows... maybe Santa's reading my list ;)
(retail price $45)

              Gift Guide For Her
(under $200) 




Hair Styling Products

Hello ladies! Happy Saturday. Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far! I had washed my hair today and I thought, why not share some of the things that I use for my hair.
I don't usually use all these products all at once, but I like to rotate it every now and then.

1. Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray
I usually use this product when I need that extra hold. I have naturally wavy hair but sometimes I like to go all out and I just want to make sure that I don't have a fuzz ball during the rest of my day. It's descriptions says that its "strengthens your hair style by providing strong yet touchable hold..." once I read that I was sold and had to give it a try. 

2. Pantene Pro-V Anti- frizz Creme
I really love this product. It not only smells really nice but everytime I use it I feel like my hair is so much softer and that it looks way more healthier. It has helped me tame my wavy yet small curls and helps define them much more. Love.

3. Herbal Essences Hydra-Licious & Volume Boost
I SERIOUSLY cannot say enough good things about this shampoo. I love it. Not only do they smell amazing but I honestly think that it gets the job done (cleaning my hair of course hahaha). Any who they come in various amounts of coloured bottles, smells, which each one aims for a specific target (ex. this one is a volume boost shampoo and it actually works). This one is by far my favourite one. I usually have the conditioner with me but I threw out the empty bottle by accident. Sorry.

4. L'oreal Paris Elnett Satin (the finest hairspray)
I have to admit, this is by far my favourite hairspray of life. I tend to reach for this product a lot more then others. I feel like its not a hairspray at times yet it does the job. Reason for me saying it is because, usually when you use hairspray your hair feels hard and yucky. If you have an up-do and use hairspray once you take the up-do apart the majority of the times you still got parts of your hair that think that they are still in an up-do. (ahahah anyone agree?) but with this product it does the work beautifully yet you can still run your fingers in your hair later on and play with it again. Love. By far the best out there. Highly recommend. 

5. Pink Leopard paddle Brush- no name
Isn't this the cutest brush of life!? Anyways I had gone away on a trip to South America and had done a check list before my trip hoping I didn't forget anything. Little did I know I forgot one of the most important things. My hair brush. I found this cute boutique and came across this. It honestly feels like one of those expensive brushes that hair dressers use but this literally cost me $2.50 CAD (maybe less). 

6. TRESemme Platinum Strength (strengthening heat protect spray)
Whenever I wash my hair I like to air dry my hair and then blow dry for like 2 minutes. If I'm in a rush I would obviously blow dry my hair and I always put this product on. I like the fact that it protects my hair from being damaged and prevents any breakage to my ends. My hair feels smooth, smells amazing and of course gets the job done.

7. Nexxus Moouse Plus
I had bottle with me but since it was empty I threw it out hoping I was going to go to my drug store today to pickup another bottle (it was too cold so I stayed in). One of the best hair moouse I have tried. Really gets the job done and it smells really nice (which is a major plus with hair products).

8. Conair hair dryer
I don't know the exact model of this hairdryer but I liked the fact that it had a defuser to attach to it. Like I mentioned I have naturally wavy hair but when I want to curl it up I use this defuser and it gets the job done real nicely. I use the Tresemme heat protect spray, Nexxus styling moouse, and finish off with the L'oreal Hairspray. 



November Already?!

Hey guys! I know I've been a bit M.I.A but we've had such amazing weather here in Toronto that I couldn't help but enjoy it. Can I just ask.. where did October go? I feel like it flew by so quickly!.. NOO! comeback!! :(.
But anyways today was a beautiful day and I'm such in shock because ..mmm hello?! it's November????... but hey no ones complaining so, keep the good weather coming LOL
I had a few errands to run today so I decided to dress very casual and comfy since I knew I would be running around.

I know that I have mentioned these jeans before and when I say that they are super comfy.. I mean it. I practically live in these jeans. I paired it up with a basic black tee, comfy flat shoes and this military green parka. This parka is super comfy, my sister bought it for me last month and I've been grabbing it every time I have gone out. It's a medium but it runs quite big so I could have gone for a small. A simple red lip, my wallet (which I've received tons of compliments) and I'm out the door. 

Outfit details:
Jeans- Zara
Black shirt- Sirens
Leopard shoes- American Eagle
Wallet- Marc Jacobs
Lipstick- Milani (Ruby Valentine #08)
Parka- Bluenotes 


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