Perfect Mornings

Good morning guys! Hope everyone is well. It's a beautiful morning today so I thought I'd share my daily morning routine. I love starting off my day with morning walks. I get up every morning at 8am and go for an hour walk around my neighbourhood with my dog Gatsby (yes! I named him after my favourite book-I'm a nerd :D ). I occasionally go for a jog (I'd lie if I said I always jog in the mornings- sorry that's not happening, at least not for me haha). To be honest I rather walk and take in the beauty I see every morning. During the summer I'd see a few people walking their dogs but now that summer is over I see a lot more people since some are walking their kids to school. 

Walking in general is a great source of exercise, but it's also go for the mind. I find that when I'm going for a walk I can organize my thoughts and ideas, I like to set goals and plan out how I will achieve them. 

Life is beautiful and short. I honestly live day by day, that's not to say I don't like to plan stuff but not so far ahead. Don't surround yourself with negative people- surround yourself with positive people that will accept you for you and embrace your qualities. 

Cute little ducks!

Gatsby <3

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