How to: Fish, Potatoes and Cheese?

Hey guys! So I was super excited to post this recipe up. I make this all the time at home and my family and I really enjoy it. It's super easy and all you'll need is just a few ingredients.
I love making fish because it's loaded with nutrients such as vitamin D and protien which are super important for your body and brain. Eating fish has a lot of benefits for your health. Research has shown that fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which protect your vision, reduces risk of type 1 diabetes and lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes just to name a few.
In this recipe I'll be using Basa fish, which is absolutely delicious. You can get it frozen or fresh at your local super market. I like to prepare it with fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and cheese (to me the cheese gives it that extra touch). You can add a few potatoes to add to your dish and serve it with a simple salad, or rice.
I love making this at home and I hope you guys give it a try- you'll love it.

Check my youtube channel an see how I did it:

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-Basa fish (make for how many people you'll be serving)
-salt and pepper (pinch of both), oregano (2tbsp)
-2 cups of onions
-2 cups of tomatoes
-1 cup of mozzarella cheese
-5 potatoes (optional)

note: base fish cooks fast, so give it a good 40 min and check that the potatoes are soft

Onions, tomatoes, cheese please!

Rinse well.

Baja Fish, chopped tomatoes, finely sliced onions, salt, oregano, grated cheese

potatoes (optional)

Almost ready!



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