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Since I was little my parents have encouraged me and my sister to juice. They were the type of parents that would buy extra fruit and veggies and when we heard the juicing machine go on- we knew that we were in for a treat. It sounds odd because kids usually hate veggies but we have always been a fan of juicing. Now a days you can go to the mall and it's so much more accessible for people to enjoy, and for those who haven't tried it can give it a go and see if its for them. Juicing may not be for everyone but its the best thing that we can possibily give our bodies. We all have busy lives and may not be able to eat healthy everyday but this is a great way to incorporate some nutrients into your body.
It's amazing what our bodies can do once we learn how to take care of it. I find it completely fascinating that more and more people are getting into juicing. There are so many videos online that share recipes of what you can start with.


- 1 cucumber
- 3-4 carrots
- hand full of spinach
- 3 apples


- rich in vitamin A,C, K, silica and chlorophyll
- great source of calcium
- high content of magnesium and potassium
- helps maintain healthy skin, nails and hair

- source of vitamin A
- rich in beta- carotene
- reduces cholesterol levels

- rich in vitamins A, C
- lowers risk of cancer and blood pressure
- important for hair, and bone health

- rich in vitamin A,B, and C
- contains antioxidants
- high flavonoid content

Always remember your body is your temple. Nourish it, respect it, love it.


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