Relaxed Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Today was such a lazy day so I decided to stay home, relax order some pizza and watch a movie on netflix. Our Christmas tree is finally up and I think it's absolutely so pretty. I love how when we turn off the lights and turn only the tree on, it looks so nice and it gives a relaxing feel to the living room. I did a little bit of Christmas decor shopping yesterday with my sister and picked up a few things to add on the tree. Home Sense which is the Canadian version of Home Goods has so many gorgeous things for Christmas. I highly recommend you guys check it out. They always have such nice things in the store which are super affordable so I'm always dropping in to see what they have.
I took a few pictures to share how its slowly starting to look like Christmas at my house.

In my opinion ornaments make a tree so special.

This Angel has been on our tree since I was a kid. 

This is so fun! I had so many ideas for this little garden house I purchased from Ikea last summer. I used it a lot in the summer where I stored fresh basil, rosemary and mint but I wanted to use it since I didn't have any plants in it right now. I was thinking about putting a little light up house, mini tree and fake snow but I decided to add this instead. Who knows I may change it up.

A quick and great idea is to place a few Christmas balls into a vase all stacked up for a nice affordable decorative piece. Obviously candles are a must. Especially when they smell like Christmas.

These angels are so cute! I have two. One of both sides of the tv. These were from Home Sense for only $8!


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