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Hello ladies! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday morning. As I have mentioned before on my blog, I'm a huge fan of skin care products. I love trying out new things that will help keep my skin looking flawless, young and healthy looking. I know I'm not the only one, but who doesn't love removing their make-up after a long day?- I know I do! There's something about washing your face and having that fresh clean feeling that is just amazing. I love everything that will help moisture my skin, and make it look healthier giving me that nice natural glow. Here are a few product that I'm currently loving, some are old favourites that I just had to add in and some are new things that I currently discovered. Hopefully you ladies will find this helpful if you are in the market to try something new.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I don't know what to say, but I love it! This rose water facial spray makes my face feel hydrated and fresh. Before I put on my make-up I spray this all over my face and let it sit for a good few minutes. You can also spray this throughout the day to give your skin some hydration. I also love applying this after my nightly routine before I go to bed. It literally makes me feel like I came out of a spa treatment. 

L'oreal Day and Night Cream

I tried this cream out when I was back in Canada just before I traveled and I loved it, and I was so disappointed when I realized I didn't pack it in my luggage. One day when I was out and passed by a local drug store and to my surprise I found it! I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn't know if it was going to be the exact same one. Luckily it was.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cream

I absolutely love this facial cream! I have said it many times before. If you are in the market for a facial cream that will make your skin feel healthy giving you a nice glow-Stop looking!!!- this is it! I've used this facial cream for years and once you try it you'll know why. It also has SPF 15 which is always a bonus.

Sheet Masks

I love a good old mask. Whether it is a homemade mask or a sheet mask that I loved and had bought from a store. Every few days I like to put on a mask while I watch some netfliks (which by the way-is a perfect combo lol). I have tried many sheet masks and I can point out a few of my favourites, such as the ones sold at Sephora, and The Face Shop. Depending on my mood I would either use a hydrating sheet mask, or if it's late and I'm at home I would put on a full mud mask and walk around the house looking like a total zombie lol.

Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Cleaning Towelettes

When it comes to removing my makeup, I tend to be very picky on the wipes I use. The reason being is that my skin is very sensitive and I only like to use it on my face- I like to remove my eye makeup with something else, but I'll get to that later.
The best wipes I have found that works wonders are the ones sold at costco-yup I said costco!
I have tried other brands aswell but, I feel like I need to use more wipes than usual, but with these ones I only need one, which is amazing.

Neutrogena Purifying Facial Cleanser

You know when you go to the store to buy something and then come out with something totally different? Well that's what happened to me! lol. Like most people I'm a sucker for packaging and this caught my eye which made me want to try it- I'm so happy I did! The smell is very pleasant (which I obviously smelled at the store -opps!) but once I washed my face with it, it instantly gave me that fresh clean feeling which I love! 

Josie Maran Argan Oil

I have always recommend removing eye makeup with an oil because the skin around your eyes are the most delicate on your whole face due to the fact that we have a very thin layer of skin in that area. It's very important to take good care of this area especially because it's the first places to show signs of aging.Whenever I use the Josie Maran Argan oil, it makes me feel like I'm not being too harsh on my skin- which is always a good thing. It's very gentle and best of all, it's a product that is multi-purpose. 

The Body Shop- Born Lippy (Watermelon)

Once I'm done with my nightly skin care routine I like to put on a lip balm that will help me avoid having cracked lips. This one is perfect-it's not thick or sticky and leaves my lips feeling super smooth. It also smells like watermelon- which I can't complain about. This is also a nice lip balm to use during the day before heading out. Comes in 4 different flavours.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post and found it helpful!


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